Sunday, 5 February 2017

Waitangi weekend

The crowds gather.

After the forecast not looking to crash hot on Saturday the Waikato pilots were chomping at the bit to fly some XC kms. The call was made to head to the Kaimais and what a cracking call it was. The day was forecast to start out windy and drop off around 1pm.

Go Dom!

Kinda waiting to unleash awesome
The XC guns were keen to get airborne and Mark Macdonald lead the charge and headed down range virtually straight away. Once everybody had seen the it was on there was a rush to launch. The day turned blue as forecast which made it just that little bit more rewarding after finding that next climb. Everybody had an awesome day and at least 4 Personal Bests were set. It was great to catch up with everybody hope to see you all in the air tomorrow.

It was great to share the sky with the hang gliders. Thanks for marking those thermals for me
Thanks for the Pic Dom.

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  1. Cheers Andrew. So many great flights for so many pilots!!!!!